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-Finding Unbiased and Experienced Mentors

-Finding Unbiased and Experienced Mentors

For the modern small business owner, tapping into the experience and knowledge of a mentor is an invaluable asset. Mentors often provide an unbiased opinion, which can greatly enhance decision making processes, as well as providing someone to bounce ideas off of and look to for wisdom, guidance and direction. They have probably experienced a vast number of scenarios and events, and have the wisdom and knowledge to help a small business owner create a winning strategy. However, it can be a difficult and daunting process to find the right mentor with the right kind of experience. There are a few considerations an entrepreneur should keep in mind when assessing and searching for prospective mentors.

-Finding Unbiased and Experienced Mentors

Consideration of Needs

Before starting the process of looking for a mentor, an entrepreneur should consider the type of mentor they are looking for and the specific experience they need within their respective industry. Do they need someone who is knowledgeable about a certain technology or has expertise within a particular area of the business? Knowing this information beforehand is essential as it helps to narrow down the search for potential mentors.

Accessing the Right Network

The best way to find a potential mentor is through the use of networking. There are numerous networking opportunities which entrepreneurs can access to make connections in order to increase their possibilities of finding a suitable mentor. Many members from local Chambers of Commerce, MeetUp groups and other entrepreneurial orientated organizations can be great sources for finding potential mentors. It can be beneficial to join these organizations as they help to make connections to an extensive range of mentors you wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.

Making Introductions

Any type of contact should initially be made as an introduction as this helps to create a good working environment between both parties. It is also important to consider the Mutual Benefits in working together. Make sure proposals are articulate, clear and provide a good overview of what roles the mentor will be expected to cover. Open communication is key between both parties in order to identify desirable goals and outcomes. Making introductions can also be made via online avenues such as LinkedIn or other online professional and business networks.

Making Contact and Establishing Connection

It is essential to respond promptly to any introductions which you receive. If the first contact is positive and stimulates interest from the mentor, further details can be discussed further. This may include arranging a one-on-one meeting or a video conference, depending on the availability and the circumstances.

At the initial meeting or video call, it is important for both parties to discuss expectations and how to best work together. A little bit of background information can also be beneficial to help determine the most suitable path which should be taken in order to move forward. When discussing progress and rewards, transparency is key to ensure both parties stay on the same page.

Benefits of Mentoring

There are a multitude of benefits to finding an experienced mentor in the business environment. They can provide guidance to new entrepreneurs especially as they have experienced a wide range of scenarios which can be difficult to understand and comprehend. Having an experienced person to bounce ideas off of, who can provide an unbiased opinion and direction, is extremely beneficial. A mentor can help to keep a business on track and can be a great sounding board when it comes to decision making.

Mentors also help to improve morale on a team. In the early stages of business development, it can be difficult for team members to remain motivated. Through the process of mentoring, a sense of trust and support is created which can help to keep everyone on track and committed to the objectives of the business.

Finally, mentors provide insight into the established industry and can give a realistic overview of the latest trends. This can help entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the competition, understand the opportunities available and make informed decisions when it comes to creating a powerful strategy.

Final Thoughts

Having the right mentor to provide insight and guidance to the small business can make a big difference when it comes to achieving success. Through the process of considering the needs of a business, accessing the right network and making introductions, entrepreneurs can find the most suitable mentor for their business. Mentors provide unbiased opinions which can help to improve the decision making process, keep the team productive and motivated and provide insight into the current trends in their industry. When looking for a mentor, it is vital to keep in mind the mutual benefits and provide support and trust throughout the working relationship. In conclusion, with the right mentor, entrepreneurs can gain a valuable asset to ensure a successful future.

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